19 y 20 de Mayo, 2016
Río de Janeiro, Brasil

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International Events:



Is to introduce innovative tools, techniques and methods in order to optimize the safety culture in organizations.


1. Exhibition of international experts regarding management Culture, Leadership and Security behavior.
2. Introduce best practices of national and international companies in the theme HSE leaders.
3. Interact and share experiences among attendees and speakers, making synergy to achieve the best result.

Who should attend? This forum is preferentially directed to*:

- Directors, managers, superintendents and heads of safety;
- HR professionals;
- Professional Occupational Safety and Health;
- Specialists Behavior Based Safety;
- veryone interested in reducing injuries in your organization.

*HSEC CONSULTING reserves the right to accept or reject any entry for this event.

Industries we addressed to:

Mining, Hydrocarbons, Energy and Industry.

Information and Registration: PERU: (+51) (1)  348-5438 | (+51) (1)  349-8617
BRAZIL: (+55) (11) 4301-3433 | (+55) (31) 3284-7079
ARGENTINA: (+54) (11) 6380-4969

Send email to eventos@hsecconsulting.com / hsec@hsecconsulting.com

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